String Decrypter

String Decrypter

A brute-forcer for string and byte-array decryption. A useful package for malware and CTF challenges.

The tool can be invoked as an action from a hex view or a Carbon disassembly. It can be used to brute-force the decryption of strings and byte-arrays.

The tool supports various types of string encodings combined with endianness and it can filter decoded strings with the following options:

– Don’t filter (include raw byte-arrays)
– Include only decoded strings
– Include only strings with ASCII characters
– Include only string matching a regular expression provided by the user

The plugin supports parallel execution, which will make the difference if more algorithms are added to the list. Also, for every decryption method the number of combinations is displayed.

For every decrypted entry the performed operation along with the string encoding (if available) are shown.