• Automatic Analysis
  • Interactive Analysis
  • Security
  • Forensics
  • Memory Analysis
  • Privacy


It is our pleasure to announce that we're now accepting orders from individuals.

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I freaking love Profiler. It is totally worth the money. It's the best file format parser in existence. Amazing PE, font, Flash, etc. parsing / disassembly. - It is totally worth the money.

- Matt Graeber via Twitter

I really recommend Cerbero Profiler from @cprofiler it's an awesome tool. I won a lot of time on an analysis this week. Thanks guys!

- Paul Rascagnères via Twitter

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  • Automatic Analysis to locate possible threats, privacy issues or interesting information.
  • Interactive Analysis combined with an advanced interface to empower the user to inspect things on his own.
  • Extensive number of supported File Formats: executables, documents, databases, archives, fonts, images, etc.
  • Memory Analysis of raw Windows memory images with detailed inspection capability of the address space of each process.
  • The Carbon Interactive Disassembler includes support for executable file formats and shellcode. It even supports code inspection in memory images.
  • Raw Data Analysis performed through C/C++ data types and an advanced hex view.
  • Embedded Files are detected automatically, but can be added manually as well.
  • Powerful Python SDK which exposes core, user interface and file formats.
  • Different kinds of Extensions to customize any behavior and endlessly extend the functionality.
  • Filters to analyze, decrypt, uncompress, hash, disassemble, decode, transform, etc. data streams.
  • A variety of Tools and Plugins such as a JavaScript debugger or an XML indenter.

Advanced Standard FAQ

Welcome to our site!

imageCerbero is the result of extensive experience in the field of software development. Our fields of expertise include: security, file analysis, system utilities and embedded applications. Our objective is to strive for innovation and quality in our products.

We like to develop high quality software and this is why our developers are experts in the fields we deal with. We're not interested in earning money to the detriment of quality and making marketing prevail in company decisions. Thus, our users can expect the maximum seriousness from our side. We care about what we do and that's why we do it well.

On-going research

At Cerbero we try to come up with new ideas all the time, that's why our research is always taking new directions. When a research project doesn't turn out to be profitable it's not bad news: not everything needs to be sold. Experience and fun are important as well. You can follow our endeavors on the company blog.

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