State-of-the-art Malware Triage

  • Automatic & Interactive Analysis
  • Carbon Interactive Disassembler
  • Integrated Sleigh Decompiler
  • Experimental Ghidra Native UI
  • Advanced Hex Editor
  • Memory Analysis
  • Rich Python 3 SDK
  • Windows, OS X, Linux


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  • Automatic Analysis to locate possible threats, privacy issues or interesting information.
  • Interactive Analysis combined with an advanced interface to empower the user to inspect things on his own.
  • Extensive number of supported File Formats: executables, documents, databases, archives, fonts, images, etc.
  • Memory Analysis of raw Windows memory images with detailed inspection capability of the address space of each process.
  • The Carbon Interactive Disassembler with integrated Sleigh decompiler includes support for executable file formats and shellcode. It even supports code inspection in memory images.
  • The experimental Ghidra native UI represents an effort to provide Ghidra with a native C++ UI. The UI works on all supported platforms.
  • Raw Data Analysis performed through C/C++ data types and an advanced hex view.
  • Embedded Files are detected automatically, but can be added manually as well.
  • Powerful Python SDK which exposes core, user interface and file formats.
  • Different kinds of Extensions to customize any behavior and endlessly extend the functionality.
  • Filters to analyze, decrypt, uncompress, hash, disassemble, decode, transform, etc. data streams.
  • A variety of Tools and Plugins such as a JavaScript debugger or an XML indenter.

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