Cerbero Suite
The Hacker’s Multitool

“Having worked in the security industry my whole career, I wanted to create the perfect multi-tool for low-level professionals.”
Erik Pistelli, CEO & Software Architect

Inspecting a file is a primary task for every low-level professional, be it for reversing, malware triage, forensics or software development. Our analysis interface lets you inspect the structure, code and many other things of dozens of file formats.

Binaries can be analyzed using our Carbon disassembler engine which comes integrated with the excellent Sleigh decompiler. No Ghidra installation is required.

Cerbero Suite supports many document types such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. These formats are often used as vectors for malware. With Cerbero Suite you can disassemble shellcode, debug JavaScript and emulate Excel formulas.

A hex editor is essential in the toolset of every low-level professional. Our hex editor has advanced features and lets you define layout elements such as structures and intervals.

You can perform Windows memory analysis on physical memory images, hibernation files and crash dumps. Supported Windows versions range from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Analyzing Windows crash dumps can be tedious. Cerbero Suite lets you easily inspect every aspect of both kernel and mini-dumps. It does not rely on WinDBG and therefore works on every supported platform.

If you don’t like Ghidra’s Java UI, you might enjoy using our native UI for Ghidra. You only need to install a plugin in Ghidra to start using it!

Actions and filters available throughout our tools let you perform the most common operations on data, such as conversion, transformation, compression, encryption, hashing and much more.

Using our Python 3 SDK you can write any imaginable kind of extension, even entire tools, as you have access not only to core functionality but also to the UI.

Our suite runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. We also make an effort to support older systems such as Windows XP so that our multi-tool is available to professionals whenever and wherever they need it.

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