Suite Advanced

Cerbero Suite Advanced includes all the features of the Standard edition, so make sure to check out the standard edition for the list of features. The Advanced edition comes with additional features and is especially designed for experts in the security and forensic field. Among various additional file formats, it features the Carbon Interactive Disassembler with integrated Sleigh Decompiler, the Silicon Excel Emulator and the Native Ghidra UI.

This is a list of some relevant features of Cerbero Suite Advanced. Please note that it is not possible to enumerate all features because of the complexity and on-going improvement of the product.

  • All the features of the Standard edition
  • Carbon Interactive Disassembler
    • Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM32/Thumb, ARM64
    • Integrated Sleigh Decompiler
    • Loading of debug symbols
    • Defining of data types
  • Silicon Excel Emulator
  • Native Ghidra UI
  • Supported file formats:
    • Email (EML)
      • Extraction of attachments
    • Torrent
    • Windows crash dumps (WINDMP)
      • Support for both kernel and mini-dumps
      • Completely independent from WinDBG
      • Inspection of code
      • Inspection of call stack
      • Inspection of threads
      • Inspection of exception information
      • Inspection of bug check information
      • Inspection of memory
      • Inspection of internal structures
    • Windows Hibernation files
      • Inspection of internal structures
      • Full inspection of memory
    • Windows Raw Memory Images (WINMEM)
      • Support for all Windows editions
      • Inspection of code
      • Inspection of files in memory
      • Inspection of SSDT, IDT, GDT
      • Suppport for VAD trees
      • User address spaces
      • System address space

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (