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Profiler is an extremely useful tool for the analysis of malware. It simplified my work many times!

- Giuseppe Bonfa

Thanks for your excellent software!

- Anonymous

Cerbero Suite: FAQ


What are the payment options?
We support Paypal as method of payment. We also offer bank wire transfers as a means of payment, but only for bigger orders.

Where is the invoice for the payment?
PayPal generates automatic invoices. We don't offer any invoice apart from those generated by PayPal.

What type of licenses do you offer?
We offer version based licenses. A license for Cerbero Suite 3.x is valid for the entire lifespan of the 3.x series and the user will get free updates for that series.

Does a license include support?
Licenses don't include an active support plan. We decided to strip the costs of support in order to reduce the price of licenses. If your company needs active support, please contact us.

Product information

How fast do you fix bugs?
As mentioned, normal licenses don't include an active support plan. However, if the bug is a showstopper, we try to provide a fix as soon as possible.

Do you accept feature requests?
We're always happy to receive such requests, because it gives us the opportunity to improve our product and to better understand the needs of our users. We usually try to include requests into the upcoming release if they don't take too much time.

Technical information

I want to write a plugin for Profiler, what's the best way to start?
Unfortunately, the information is not yet organized in a coherent guide. The provided documentation shows exposed classes. Included extensions can be used to understand real world usage. The best source of information is the blog, where everything, although not in a specific order, is thoroughly documented.

Should I use PySide in my extensions?
If you can avoid it, it's better. Profiler provides many controls, which usually are enough to create UIs. The reason why the use of PySide is not encouraged is not only because it forces the user to install a dependency, but primarily because there are no plans for PySide to support Qt 5 in the future and thus it can be used only for versions of Profiler inferior than 1.3.