Profiler is an extremely useful tool for the analysis of malware. It simplified my work many times!

- Giuseppe Bonfa

I freaking love Profiler. It is totally worth the money. It's the best file format parser in existence. Amazing PE, font, Flash, etc. parsing / disassembly. - It is totally worth the money.

- Matt Graeber via Twitter

About Cerbero GmbH

Cerbero GmbH is based in Frankfurt, Germany and is the result of extensive experience in the field of software development. Our fields of expertise include: security, file analysis, system utilities and embedded applications.

Two of our priorities are security and privacy. We make use of all the most advanced techniques to enforce security in our products. And with consideration of privacy we only collect the bare minimum of information about our customers.

Image We like to develop high quality software and this is why our developers are experts in the fields we deal with. We're not interested in earning money to the detriment of quality and making marketing prevail in company decisions. Thus, our users can expect the maximum seriousness from our side. We care about what we do and that's why we do it well.

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